Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winter couch training

I had planned to talk about appropriate outfits to fight the bitter cold of winter, but instead it has been uncommonly cold and gray, courtesy of global warming. To me, this makes it even harder to motivate to go and train, and so I end up watching Youtube videos to regain some inspiration.

Thankfully, there is actually quite a lot of useful videos to watch: American Parkour tutorials (under Playlists, check the Parkour guides), the Demon Drills and Hawaii Parkour's drill series. There's also this ridiculous compilation of strength exercises, a nice demo of exercises designed by Ido Portal (who also makes insane QM drills) and many many videos from other sources.

Then there's also the videos that just motivate you to go out even in the rain, and make you want to train more and have fun moving. Happy viewing and see you soon back outside!

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