Sunday, October 16, 2011


So, you've done a bit of training, and now your muscles are SORE. Do not despair, as there is a secret technique to make them happy again: the Foam Roller. The foam roller is a very, very simple piece of equipment, but an extremely effective one. Where to get one? on the internet, of course, and maybe at the local sports store. Choose the high density kind, which will hold longer. How to use it? put the roller on the ground, put the sore limb on top, and then roll gently back and forth while putting the weight of your body into it. Make sure you roll the entire muscle: if the front of your quadriceps, (close to the knee) is in pain, then you must roll the entire thing all the way to your hip to make the entire muscle relax. If you're not sure about this, have a look at an anatomy atlas, it helps figure out how it's all put together!

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